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Accounting Bookkeeping Consultancy is a small business based in mid-wales. Modern technology means we can reach a wider client base.

Angela is the founder, she has over 10 years’ experience in various industries, the Practice was born with the aim to be a little bit different and go the extra mile. We are proactive in saving our clients’ money with tax and operational costs, we work with you to identify areas in your business that are not realising their full potential and help you improve them to build a stronger, more profitable future.

We believe that you should be free to focus on your business and your customers which is where your strengths are, and not spend all your time doing the bookkeeping and accounts that is where our strengths are. A great accountant will listen to you, help you fight when times are hard, discuss risks and challenges that lie ahead and be there for you exactly when you need them.

There is something very flexible, immediate and responsive about great accounting that you will not get from a practice that just goes through the yearly motions. We tailor our solutions around your specific business, providing you with up-to- date advice and expert guidance.

We also have a practising certificate which means that we can sign off accounts for presentation to HMRC, your bank and lenders. Our opening hours are designed to help you too, as we can be available in the evenings by appointment. Our purpose is to help you expand your business expectations.